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Project Announcement: AR-Art for VI4 AiR Exhibition

Augmented reality (AR) offers a new space for artists to express themselves, complement their artworks, or surround their work with interactive experiences. With AR, artists can create transmedia storytelling and engagement opportunities. Are you ready to jump into the unknown?

ArtLab and the EmTech lab collaborate on an Augmented Reality (AR)-Art working group. The working group will explore various AR platforms and will pick one in which we will build our experiences. The AR will enhance the in-person exhibition of the Vanderbilt Institute for Infection, Immunology and Inflammation (VI4) AiR Art Exhibition. The AR-Art working group will create a parallel AR-Art experience to be displayed by the VI4 AiR program. The VI4 AiR Program will be on display in May 2023, and we will have an in-person exhibition opening in June 2023.

In summary, this project aims to leverage anchor-based augmented reality (ex., printed art and face recognition) to enhance the experience of the in-person VI4 AiR exhibition (July 2023) with a web-based platform.

The specifications for the project and the platforms are as follows:

1. Ability to collaborate

2. Apparent time/effort required to release a final product

3. Usability for the viewer

4. Usability for the developer

5. Accessibility features (ex. AltText, Audio)

6. Other exciting elements (ex., Collecting art)

The three programs that we will be considered for this project include the following:

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